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Welcome to Speak Up :]

"oh god, not another roleplay/premade site." Yea I know.But hey this could be fun.The names of both sites are different,yes I am aware that one is called KB Mades and the other is called Speak Up so don't tell me please :).Yes this is for premades but don't ask for anything other than a picture cause you won't get it sorry :| This site is ran by one person,and one person only wanna help tell me silly :) ! send in stuff to put in those categories k thanks.Any ideas just tell me,it would be greatly appreciated :] this is here until i know what to do with this

Who Is This?

It's Spanky B Taking Over something a friend of mine started ! :)
Yes it's Karslin Christiana Benitez orr Spanky .
I Rp,Just go look up Karslin Benitez :)
I don't post things myself,an if i did i would leave a name.
I keep things real unlike people who hide behind the anon thing,
not saying it's bad or anything i'm just saying :)
Anyway I hope nothing on here hurts anyones feelings,ILoveEverything&Everyone so please don't be offended 
-Love KCB Or Spanky