Kid Talk

The Ja'nairo's

Ja'nairo's Cutest Family?!
"The ja'nairos are a really cute family. they're super close, and they talk to everyone in thier family. they're really nice to everyone too, and all of them have cute defaults." -Anon

Aww,I like families like that,they will go far with their family :)
Keep it up Ja'nairo kids :]
You're Loved <3

The Pierce's

Is she running the cutest family?!
according to anon she is :]
"PIERCE FAMILY IS THE CUTEST FAMILY EVER, THE KIDS AND THE MOM. Kids: Cyndee, Miracle, Jeslyn, Brielle, Alyssa, Larissa, Marissa, & Derick. :]"
Keep It up Mommy Pierce,Your Family is loved  <33