Kid Talk

Zoya Belladona and Coby Ja'nairo !

Zoya and Coby Cutest Couple ?!
"cutest couple is coby ja'nairo and zoya belladonna"-Trista
hii, uhm its vendela janairo. i saw the thing about coby and zoya and they are the cutest couple to ever exist in rp, not a jokee (:"-Vendela
According to Formspring and Coby's sister they are :]
aw how cute,keep it up you 2.
You're Loved together :]

Langston and David !

Langston and David Next Cutest Couple?!
"Cutest Couple Langston & Davd. they love each other so much it's absolutely Adorable :) <3"
According to formspring the second cutest couple is David and Langston :] aww

I love Davids default it's so cutee
stay together you 2 .
You make a great couple <3